POWER Fashion

“We serve our purpose of bringing people dignity, through affordable fashion, where savings are pushed back into our Customers’ wallets, so they can live better lives.”
Over sixty-five years ago, a general merchandise store was opened in Swaziland, trading in food, clothing and footwear. It grew deep roots in the communities it loved and served, inspiring the foundational culture of partnership, people and value, which are still found in POWER Fashion today.

POWER Fashion is a proudly South African story in many ways, with a fresh and exciting new future.

Driving Industry Trends

Aligned by a clear dream and purpose, a motivated Head Office team chase down the needs of their Customer, who is at the centre of every effort. A purpose-built facility adds inspiration to all aspects of the product and support, around which it was designed. A place where passionate and energetic professionals work hard to contribute through their specific functions, towards giving dignity to POWER’s deserving Customers, while building this unique brand for the People.

In every province and over borders

A sophisticated 15,000m2 technologically driven Distribution Centre, warehousing 5,100 RFID-loaded pallets, creates a highly efficient conduit, connecting the head office teams and their merchandise, to our retail stores and Customers.